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Scholarships present an incredible opportunity for countless aspiring individuals to access education and embark on a promising career journey. Without the financial support scholarships offer, many potential students might face difficulties affording a college degree or pursuing training in their desired trade or industry.


There exist several avenues through which students can fund their college education or vocational training, such as employment, loans, financial aid, grants, and scholarships. Scholarships are particularly remarkable because they are funds that do not require repayment. Moreover, you can combine multiple scholarship awards with financial aid to fully cover the expenses associated with your college or trade program.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
A scholarship is a form of financial aid that a student receives based on specific criteria.  Scholarships are considered “gift aid” and students are not responsible for paying back this money.
Any student can apply for a scholarship!  Each scholarship will list eligibility criteria.  Students that meet this criteria should apply.
A student can start applying for scholarships as early as middle school.  As a student progresses through school, more and more scholarships will become available to them.

Institutional:  Colleges and universities have their own scholarship pools for students to apply to.  These scholarships may be something your student is considered for based on their application for admission to the institution, or something they have to apply for separately.  Each school does things their own way.


External:   These scholarships are awarded to students by donors and organizations outside of the schools for which they are applying.  Students have to do research to find these scholarships and see if they meet the eligibility criteria.

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Each scholarship application will look different.  Sometimes it is as easy as submitting a picture, sometimes it is as involved as completing an application with essays or letters of recommendation.

It is up to the donor of the scholarship to determine the scholarship eligibility criteria as well as the application requirements.  Students are responsible for making sure they submit all required documents and meet the deadlines.

Not all scholarships are merit based.  Need-based scholarships provide funds based on students' level of financial need.  By using different scholarship search engines  which your Academic Career Advisor can assist with  students can find a variety of scholarships.  They may find scholarships for how tall a student is, for being left handed – the possibilities are endless, students just need to find the money and apply for it.

Keep in mind:

  • Your student should never pay for a scholarship application – they should always be free!
  • Your student should never provide their Social Security number for a scholarship!





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